Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Giver Argument

                  Hello, my fellow readers today I will be giving three reason why, the movie The Giver is better that the book. One reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that it shows a lot feeling, so  does the book, why do I think that the movie is better than the book? My second reason why think the movie is better than the book is that the movie is in first person than third person, Why do I think 3rd person is bad? My last reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that the movie has more characters come into the plot such as the chief elder. What is wrong not having many characters in the book?

              My first reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that the movie shows a lot feeling, so  does the book.Why do I think that the movie is better than the book? First why I think the movie is better is that the movie is that you can watch the movie and it will take a couple of hours of your time, and you will understand the movie at the end, at the end of the book she leaves story with no ending. Another reason why I prefer the movie is that the movie gives more detail, but not with a rigmarole story it had short details of the five w's, who,what,when,where,why in minutes. With the book you have to read a long time just to get the five w's. My last reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that you get your exposition earlier than the book. According Meb Webster the exposition is setting forth the meaning and purpose. Why someone would disagree with my argument is that you know what mad and sad and other emotions feel like, so why would you want to see if know what emotions are. Well I don’t have to think I see with my eyes and then feel sorry or angry, every emotion that they make me feel. Only books make you imagine what emotions are, but see them changes how you really feel.

         My second reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that the movie is in first person than 3rd. Why do I think 3rd person is bad? Well in third person saying every move of someone, so say if you walked forwards then stop all of sudden, well the writer would put (you) walked forwards then stopped all sudden. Wouldn't that get annoying, well in the movie it's in first person so that is better than 3rd, 1st person is basically saying what you thought at one moment in your past. One book that I know that was in first person was the outsiders, that is why I like the book, but the giver book I think I would pass on the book, but I still read the book. Next is that 3rd person is very hard to write and it takes super long because you are writing every move at every moment.  I think that you not 3rd person, but someone would disagree with me because they like what the character is doing so they know what will happen next at every moment. Well, they my think that, but my reasoning is better because in the person’s you can see what happening instead of saying every move.

My last reason why I think the movie is better than the book is that the movie is there are more characters, What is wrong not having many characters in the book. Well there isn’t action for a long time in the book because their are no villains or characters in plot that make exposition go to rising action. With villains there are more emotion, action and make the plot make people want to watch the movie over and over. With characters in the movie it makes the plot more dramatic, but in the book you barely get any characters in the book and does not make you feel emotion like the movie. Lastly with characters in the movie it helps make audience remember a scene or the whole movie instead forgetting the book and the plot. Right now I have been using the book to remember the plot, but not movie because the movie made remember the plot.

Despite the changes in the giver movie the book does a good job because of how the author writing in such good detail. I would give the book a 5 star rating because it shows so much emotion, but I don't know what characters are feeling. The book is great, but not as great as the movie because of my three reason above the paragraph.

In conclusion I was trying to say the movie is better because of my three reason. Why do I like the movie than the book? Why do I think 3rd person is bad? What is wrong with having characters? Basicly I am saying I do not like the book because of the how it is written and not as much characters. You may disagree with all my reasoning, but I will always think what I think because The Giver has more to give than the book.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Journey of my Grandma's Life

The Journey of my Grandma’s life

“Grandma I need to do a interview for my english class.” She didn’t listen and I had to repeat myself, the only thing she was listening to was my Grandpa whining about his computer poker game. I repeated “Grandma I need to do an interview for my english class.” “ Huh WHAT do you need,” she finally answered me. I once again repeated myself “I want to interview you about your past.” She finally answered me and said “ok.” I felt a relief that she finally said ok, but I would rather her not make me repeat myself a million times. I choose my Grandmother to do this interview because she is very close to me, and she has had a lot happen to her life which I want to know what were those events were. My interview was set up at my Grandma’s house because most of time she needs to be at home resting her legs because her legs have gotten weaker due to her aging. The relationship between her and me is really good because we always want to see each other whenever we can and want to help one another when we are in need of assistance.

My grandmother or known as Edith “Jo” Washington is a person with blond hair, and she has brown pupils, she also had a short nose. She also has a round head, and that day she was wearing a purple robe, and yellow socks on the bottom of her feet. She was sitting in a wooden chair that had wheels on the bottom of it, and kept on moving back and forth over and over like it was a rocking chair. I was sitting next her recording her every word, so I could prepare for my essay, but the interview was very hard for her because she had to think really hard about her past. The reason why it was hard for her to remember her memories was because of her dementia. Dementia is a term for loss of memories. Her choice of words were very articulated, she knew what to say once she remembered her past. When she would talk about her past sometimes she would be unhappy with the past because she wanted someone or something from the past to be with her today. I would define her personality that day very happy, and not very enthusiastic to talk about memories. The reason why I defined her personality not very enthusiastic is because a lot of her stories were really sad, but some were very happy also.

Q=“Grandma what was the biggest moment in your life?”

A=“ Well I remember when I was 3 years there was a fair where I was, and I was with my mother and father in Maysville, Texas.” “I really wanted to go, so I pleaded to my parents, please take me to the fair please.” “They finally agreed with me and told me, only if you act as a good girl.” “We went to the fair in about 3 hours since I asked my parents can we go.” “ The first ride I went on was the Merry Go Round and I thought that was something.” “ It was was so crazy I almost fell off” Then I interrupted “ Grandma are you sure that ride was that crazy?” “Maybe not, but when I remember it, it was to crazy for me.”

F=”Grandma why did you go to that fair?
A=”To go see the fair with my family (father,mother,and sister).” “Also I wanted to go the fair because I just came to Maysville and I really wanted to see the fair like I said before. Then I said” Ok grandma, but I need know a little more about this fair, could ask you one more question about the fair.” “ Sure, Sure.” “ Grandma why were you three years old when you went to Maysville?” “ Well I went down to see my other family members and then I saw the fair so I pleaded them to take me?” “ After the fair I went down to my family members, I don’t remember where, but I do remember seeing them.”

Q= “Grandma what was a very sad point in your life?”
A=” My mother dieing, and looking at her at her funeral, at least she  looked beautiful before they buried her.” This is a bad memory, a woman grabbed my hand and put my hand on my mother’s face.” “It was so cold it felt like she had been in a freezer for days.”Also, after my mother dying she was left in her casket for 3 days at my house.” “It made me want to throw up, and sob and cry over her.”
F=” Ok grandma, to follow up on what you're saying, how did your mother die?”
A=She die from a disease I think called Pneumonia which was in the lungs guessing.” Her name was Audrey Crothers by the way, she was a great mom.” “I wish she never died, at least I will see her in heaven.” “Brinon, why do we have to do this interview?” “Well Grandma, I need to do this for an assignment for my english class.” “ Well I guess I will do this interview a little longer.” “Thanks Grandma.”

Q=”Did you have any children later on in your life?”
A=” Yes I did, I had 2 children, one named Ronna and the other name Darla, both of their last names were Stephenson.” I had those two beautiful children with my husband, Larry Stephenson” “I had my first child at the age of 24, and I had my second child at the age of 28.
F=”How did those children turn out to be out today?
A=” My children turned out to be good people, and they have had a great life so far, but their journey of life had some bumps in the road.” “ My children had children which also had more children, which I am your great grandma.”My child Ronna had your mother which you know already, and your mother gave birth to you.” Then she interrupted “ I am so proud of you Brinon, you have so much book smarts, but you are in need of some street smarts.”

Q=Comparing right now to the past, where would you want to be the past or the present? Why?
A=” I would want to be here now because I love what is happening now.” “ Grandma are you sure because you could get anything from past such as your mother,father,sister, and your husband.”Nevermind I would rather go the past, but still I would want to have my family in present to be with me in the past.” “I wish that everything went not as fast, then I could enjoy things in life, this is why you should live life to the fullest.” “I remember a boy named jack, and he played with me, and he was my best friend, I wish I could see him also.
F=Who are the main people that make you want to go in the past.”
A=My mother,father,husband,sister all of my family because they mean so much to me, and with them I couldn’t be who I was today.” I just wish to see them once more before I die.” “ Sure I will see them in heaven, but it would be better to see them now.”

What I have learned in this interview is that life is too short to live in the past, but to live in the present, and be happy what you have because you never know what will happen in the future. The most surprising information I learned about my grandma was that a woman made her touch her mother's dead face. Why would someone make a child touch their dead mother’s face? The most interesting part of this interview was when my grandma told me I have not streets smarts, but I am in need of street smarts. Her attitude at the end was that she was very happy to reminisce about her past and experiences. Today, she is a healthy women and will live life to the fullest rather than live in past, because their is no past without the present.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Information about cells


                              This website compares to other website because they all state the same thing like saying "cells are fundamental to life." Many websites would stated the same thing if giving information to the public about cells. The authors point of making this website is that it help the public learn about cells, which this information is for people who really don't understand cells at the moment. Also, the author wants the you to put cells out there for people who don't know about cells. That is what I feel, and also think.

My source:

                              -Go this link to get great information.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Death of a Criminal

                                         Why does Dally's death seem sadder than Johnny's?

                      This question confuses me because why did Dally rob a grocery store why not just go home, and flip out there. Why did Dally pull out a gun to bluff the cops? Did Dally want to die that night? Why does Ponyboy not believe that Johnny is dead? Who gave Ponyboy a concussion in the rumble? How bad of a concussion did Ponyboy have? Where was Dally shot? Why does Dally have a gun in the first place? Are the gang going to have a funeral for Dally, and Johnny? How many police officers were there to apprehend Dally? Was Dally bluffing with his gun or did he have bullets in, and did not fire a shot?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Johnny's Last Words

  • Dally: “…Crazy for wanting Johnny to stay outa trouble, for not wanting’ him to get hard.  If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess.  If he’d got smart like me he’d never have run into that church.  That’s what you get for helpin’ people.  Editorials in the paper and a lot of trouble… You’d better wise up, Pony… you get tough like me and you don’t get hurt.  You look out for yourself and nothin’ can touch you…”  (pssst: irony.)
  • Johnny: “Stay gold.”
          A interesting quote in The Outsiders is that when Johnny said "Stay gold, Ponyboy, Stay Gold." Why this is important is these are the last words Johnny ever said before he died. This quote is cool because I think Johnny is referencing a book he read in the church with Ponyboy.  The point of this quote is that Johnny wants Ponyboy to stay golden like his mother was I think.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The God's Life

               I willing describe who is the main character, and his experience being a mortal. The main character in my book is Apollo. Apollo is a man to respect, but sometimes you want to give him the one time. He has a sister, his sister is goddess of the hunt Artemis she very fast she can run like the wind. He is cocky about everything such as he tells everyone he is the best god, annoys his sister more than enough times. He talks a lot, and when me a lot I mean he does not know when to shut his mouth. He is good at Archery which his sister is good too.  Right at moment in this book he is trapped in a mortals body. Why is he did something horrible, and his father is punishing him for it. That some of the main characters traits, and things he is going through right at this moment.

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Mean Girl

                   I would like to have Meg as a friend. One reason is she is strong, she is tougher than anyone in the book so far. Also, if I was in a fight she beat up the person I fighting with so I would not get myself hurt. Also, she cares for people even if she does not. Why I assume that is she is nice is that Apollo is in her alley, and she does not like anyone in her alley, but she made a acceptation. Lastly, why I would want to be her friend is she fearless like Artemis, also Artemis is goddess of the hunt and she will hurt anything in a split second, Meg is just like her.